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We would appreciate you noting a few things to help with your game and the enjoyment of others on the course:

  1. Play “Ready Golf” i.e. if you are ready for your shot, take it.

  2. Slow Play – play through etiquette. If you fall one hole behind the group in front of you and there is a group behind waiting to play, call them through.

  3. Every player has to have their own clubs and bag. i.e. no sharing of clubs unless a specified event permits it.

  4. Be mindful of right of way on crossed fairways. There is signage, but always be on the lookout as some holes can be dangerous if you walk in front of someone hitting.  Players on the 9th/18th have right of way.

  5. Please repair plug marks on the greens.

  6. Repair divots in fairways by filling with sand.

  7. Rake bunkers after play.

  8. Observe the notice board for any new advice or local rules (opposite card room).

  9. There are local rules noted on the back of your scorecard.

  10. Make sure you adhere to the dress code.


Should you have any further queries please contact one of your committee members, who will be only too glad to help.


Signed. The Committee.

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