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The existing course record at New Town Bay Golf Course is 62 for women and 61 for men on our par 64 course.


To ensure the integrity of future scores that may equal or better the existing course record, the Committee has determined that the following criteria will apply:

  1. The score will have been achieved in an individual stroke-play competition (per Golf Australia’s recommendation, Stableford rounds will not qualify).

  2. Tee markers will have been in their appropriate medal or championship positions.

  3. If a course record has been achieved where an alternate tee has been in use (i.e. for reasons of course maintenance), then the score will only be recognised where the stroke index for that hole is higher than or the same as the tee that would have been normally played.


The Match Committee will verify that the criteria have been met in order to endorse the score as a course record.


Endorsed by: New Town Bay Golf Club Committee

Date: 12 December 2023

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